Faculty of Environmental Studies

Our Environmental Science programmes, built around our impressive research record, will allow you to develop an in-depth understanding of the Earth’s most complex environmental problems. We will give you the knowledge and skills you need to help resolve the world’s most pressing problems in a sustainable way.

The Environmental Science BSc degree is designed around three key themes – understanding environmental processes and systems; investigating changes and impacts; and enabling their prediction and mitigation.

Undergraduate Programmes

✅ Bachelor of Science in Rural Development

✅ Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Conservation

✅ Bachelor of Science in Emergency and Disaster Management

Why Choose the Faculty of Environmental Studies at UNILAK?

Studying at UNILAK's Faculty of Environmental Studies offers specialized knowledge in environmental science, practical experience through fieldwork, internships, and research projects, career opportunities in consulting, education, policy, and natural resource management, and the skills to positively impact environmental issues, preparing students for careers in research, policy, and management.


This programme has been designed to provide choice and flexibility whilst ensuring that you develop appropriate skills with a sound scientific foundation. The course includes both core modules taken by all Environmental Science students, and selected optional modules which allow you to concentrate on themes which are of particular interest to you.

Department of Environmental Management and Conservation

About the program

In light of increasing environmental damage to nature, wildlife, and people, the Department of Environmental Management and Conservation at UNILAK is meant to contribute to sustainable solutions for addressing the complexity of modern environmental issues in Rwanda and in the region and ensure that they respond to the needs and interests of the community Read more

Department of Emergency and Disaster Management

About the program

In response to the threat posed by natural or technological disasters and crises, UNILAK has started the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management. In this Department, students learn how to identify emergencies and disaster situations, draw up emergency plans, oversee resource distribution and provide emergency health services Read  more 

Department of Rural Development

 About the program

Efforts to secure sustainable growth, food security, and equitable development cannot be achieved without giving priority to rural areas. It is in this regard that UNILAK started the Department of Rural Development designed to greatly contribute to the development of rural areas and help improve the standard of living of rural population. Read more