Faculty of Computing and Information Sciences - Masters Degree Programmes

Study Computing at UNILAK — Gain a wide range of computing skills that will give you a great start to your career. Get ready for the world of work by taking a work placement on our Computing courses.

Master's Programmes

Master of Science in Management Information Systems

This degree explores the application of technology in business and industry. We will provide a grounding in computing, the construction and use of database systems, new technologies, systems administration, artificial intelligence and business information systems.

Software Engineering Students Working on Project.

Master of Science in Information Technology

Through the Information Technology program at UNILAK, students learn and practice theory implementation of various systems that are in constant demand and open doors to work that is not only satisfying, but can be a financially rewarding future.

Why Study Computing at UNILAK ?

The range of skills and practical experience that you’ll gain on our computing courses will give you a great start to a variety of careers.


Career opportunities open to graduates include:


  • Cloud Computing Specialist
  • Software Developers
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Security Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Computer Programmer
  • Systems Architect
  • Network Engeneers
  • Systems Engineers
  • IT Directors
  • Information Security Managers
  • Database Administrators
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Programmes' Overview


The Master of Science in Management Information Systems at UNILAK intends to focus on preparing postgraduate students with issues related to application, integration, training, and administration of computing technologies that meet both organizational and societal needs.

The main purpose of the programme is to equip postgraduate students to deal with complex issues in Management information systems and related industries at both the national and international levels. Graduates in this program should be able to take up senior managerial posts of Management Information Systems in government departments and also in the private sector, where they will be instrumental in the strategic Management of Information Systems. The program duration is two years for full-time students. Each year will be divided into two semesters. Upon graduation, graduates from this program will have expertise, which will offer them more opportunities in different areas of business industry and government departments where computers are in use. These areas include: website management, e-commerce development, decision support systems, credit and billing systems, inventory control systems, software product development, knowledge management systems, and business analysis.


The central aim of the Master’s degree in Information Technology at UNILAK is to equip postgraduate candidates with the necessary practical skills in the application of Database, Networking, Web programming, Internet and multimedia technologies through hands-on experience and industrial placements. The course takes on two main tracks: IT-Networking
and IT-multimedia.  The program duration is two years for full time students. Each year will be divided into two semesters. Upon graduation, graduates from this program should
be eligible to the following career opportunities: Systems Administrators; Software developers; Desktop, LAN, and Help Desk support; Network Technicians; Database Administrators; Programmers; Cyber security implementation and management, etc.