Master of Environmental and Development Studies (MEDS)

Are you ready to explore some of the world's most pressing challenges?

Understand the link between the environment, development agendas, and global inequalities for today and the future.

Our MSc Environment and Development Studies enables you to critically evaluate the multiple dimensions of the inter-relationship between development and the environment, with an abiding concern for social and environmental justice.

Master of Environmental and Development Studies Philosophy (MEDs)

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on our planet?

Our Master of Environmental and Development Studies (MEDS) course is your gateway to mastering the knowledge and skills needed to tackle pressing global challenges. You’ll draw upon local, regional, and international insights to help you lead the change towards a more sustainable future.

The rapid pace of change in our climate and the development of sustainable policies demand an education that stays ahead of the curve. Thanks to our research-active staff, you’ll benefit from unparalleled expertise at the forefront of the sector. Our cross-disciplinary approach will also empower you with insights that resonate across governmental, corporate, and societal structures, aligning your skills with real-world needs.

The course prepares you for a range of careers in research, private, public (governmental), or charitable sectors. You’ll graduate able to combine scientific, policy and managerial practices in implementing effective environmental strategies.

MEDS specializations

International development studies, Environmental economics and natural resource management and, Environmental Information Systems


This MED program is of two years duration for full time students. Each year shall be divided into two semesters.

Why Choose MEDs at UNILAK ?

The Master of Environmental and Development Studies (MEDS) program at UNILAK provides a unique blend of academic excellence, practical experience, and a supportive learning environment. It offers research opportunities, collaborations with industry partners, and exposure to local environmental challenges. UNILAK faculty support academic and professional growth.

UNILAK's Students inside Kigali Campus