Health services

Health is one of the prerequisites for intellectual work optimization. When a student falls sick while he/she is at UNILAK, the emergency cases are treated by a permanent healthcare provider recruited for this end. Students needing further medical treatment are directly referred to the relevant health facility and are responsible for any costs associated with the rendered services. In this case, it is the role and responsibility of the student’s family/guardian to take care of him/her.

 Counselling services

The Office of the Students Affairs and Chaplaincy provides counseling services to UNILAK students to facilitate their personal, social, and emotional growth. Experienced and licensed professionals assist students in coping with challenges associated with a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, sexual assault, family problems, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, adjustment to the university life, stress management, personal development, and any other mental health issues. The office offers a wide range of services in a safe, caring and confidential environment including but not limited to individual and group counseling sessions, group workshops, and off-campus referrals when needed.