Reputation is crucial to the university’s future as it affects UNILAK’S ability to recruit excellent and qualified students as well as superb faculty and staff, and to attract funding for teaching and research, informing alumni of the university’s successes and achievements to help build and expand philanthropic support, and to inform the citizens of the outstanding progress UNILAK continues to make as one of the private universities operating in the country.

Therefore, it is important to positively influence reputation and to limit the risk of damage to that reputation through careful management of UNILAK’s corporate communications.

The office of the Public Relations in UNILAK is meant to increase UNILAK’s visibility, strengthen the institution’s reputation and align its communications efforts across campuses. Success in it will build enthusiasm and morale within the university community and ensure that it achieves its fundraising and student recruitment objectives.

All marketing activities in support of the university are managed through the university public relations office.

It ensures that university marketing is consistent with UNILAK’s mission, brand, message and strategic vision. As such, any departments or units requiring marketing assistance are required to work through the public relations office.


Maintaining the positive image of the university.  To that end, marketing materials like newsletters, social media posts, and press releases are produced.