Community Engagement

UNILAK has a long history of partnership and collaboration with local, regional and international communities. Our broad range of engagement activities include local initiatives, knowledge mobilization, community-based research, experiential education partnerships, initiatives to support access to post-secondary education, inter-institutional, legal services through UNILAK’s law clinic, soil testing for local communities, environment and climate change initiatives, academic partnerships, and more.

Our work in the community

UNILAK works in collaboration with a number of organizations in the community. Our students, faculty and researchers are actively involved in community engaged learning and community focused research.

Community engagement around campus

The UNILAK campus is accessible to everyone in the community and there are many ways to engage with UNILAK on campus.

A community engaged university

We work extensively with our closest neighbours and partners to ensure our research delivers real world impact and builds on our long history of working with communities.

UNILAK-Community Engagement

Our Priorities For Community Engagement

  • Connecting humanities researchers with communities and cultural partners.
  • Promoting collaborative, co-produced community engagement that increases the impact of humanities research.
  • Enabling small-to-medium scale community engagement projects not supported in other ways.
  • Leading innovation and best practice in community engagement delivery and methods.

Activities and Initiatives

UNILAK's Community network

Community Outreach

Participation in key neighbourhood networks including community meetings to actively listen, identify areas of collaboration and share key information .
UNILAK's Community Engagement for care for Environment

Care for Environment

Delivery of UNILAK’s specific engagement opportunities including local community based programs and co-produced projects with a focus on environment and climate change.
UNILAK's Community Projects

Community Support Projects

Delivery of sustainability specific engagement opportunities including co-produced projects and events.
UNILAK's Community

Operational Support

Operational support to enable improved community interaction with our campus, staff and students e.g., facilitating space usage by UNILAK based community groups and improving the way we work to support collaboration.
UNILAK's Community Engagement in Know your land's rights campaign 2

Legal Clinic

The law clinic provides support to our local communities by providing free legal services and support to the vulnerable in our communities
UNILAK's Community Engagement in Know your land's rights campaign

Stakeholders Engagement

Proactively identifying issues and responding to complaints from local communities and stakeholders

Other Community Engagements

UNILAK's Community Support to Orphans

Care for Orphans

UNILAK's Community Engagement3

Stakeholders Engagement

UNILAK's Community Engagement Projects

Community Projects