The office of Quality assurance at UNILAK seeks to ensure that all stakeholders pursue and achieve the highest standards in teaching, learning, assessment, research and service to the community. The Office is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the processes by which the institution continuously assures quality and standards in its operations. The office works closely with all institutional units to provide guidance and support through regular internal quality assurance audits, assessment and evaluations.

This unit is directly under the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research and is headed by a Head of Quality Assurance.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Quality Assurance at UNILAK is to support the institution’s development and improvement through a participatory internal quality mechanisms in teaching and learning.

Our Vision

The vision of the Office of Quality Assurance at UNILAK is to uphold quality management system through which quality is assured in all processes and operations of the institution.

Our Key responsibilities and functions

The following are key functions of the office:

–       To take responsibility for ensuring that core elements of quality assurance are delivered effectively and on time, adopting best practice approaches and systems  that make the most effective use of  existing resources;

–       To ensure that departments and units  are carrying out their responsibilities in executing the approved programmes on the foundation of quality maintenance or enhancement;

–       To coordinate the planning of capacity building activities for academic staff and supporting staff whenever needed;

–       To participate in review of academic programs whenever needed, through collection of curricula implementation issues for quality enhancement.

–       To conduct internal quality audit activities at university level and facilitate institutional audit conducted by regulatory body;

–       To update or advise on the updating of governing policies and guidelines;

–       To propose the relevant policies and procedures for improving the quality of research and knowledge transfer;

–       To recommend actions and programs for improving systems and processes within different offices and departments;

–       To ensure the integrity of the academic awards of UNILAK;

–       To promote the culture of quality seeking and quality assurance among members on UNILAK community;

–       Etc.

Areas of Internal Quality Assurance:

The following are key areas of internal Quality Assurance to be assessed on a continuous basis for quality enhancement:

1. Quality of programs offered;

2. Quality of academic and support staff;

3. Quality of teaching, learning and assessment;

5. Quality of support services;

6. Quality of resources, facilities and infrastructures;

7. Quality of research and innovations;

8. Quality of human resource;

9. Quality of Administration Services;

10. Quality of service delivery;