Mr. Félicien NGIRABAKUNZI , Director of Quality Assurance at UNILAK-Rwanda.

Director of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Directorate

Guided by its vision, mission and core values, UNILAK is determined to provide quality in teaching, learning, research, innovation and industrialization, and community service through effective quality assurance management system and continuous quality enhancement.DQA is responsible for quality control in all university processes geared towards the attainment of University mission and vision.
The overall objective of the Directorate of Quality Assurance is to promote high academic standards through maintenance and continuous enhancement of quality academic, research, consultancy and outreach programs, in line with the University’s Strategic Plan.


The mission of the Office of Quality Assurance at UNILAK is to support the institution's development and improvement through a participatory internal quality mechanisms in teaching and learning.


The vision of the Office of Quality Assurance at UNILAK is to uphold a quality management system through which quality is assured in all processes and operations of the institution.



✔️  To take responsibility for ensuring that core elements of quality assurance are delivered effectively and on time, adopting best practice approaches and systems that make the most effective use of existing resources;

✔️  To ensure that departments and units are carrying out their responsibilities in executing the approved programs on the foundation of quality maintenance or enhancement;

✔️  Coordinate the planning of capacity-building activities for academic staff and supporting staff whenever needed;

✔️  To participate in the review of academic programs whenever needed through a collection of curricula implementation issues for quality enhancement.

✔️  To conduct internal quality audits at the university level and facilitate institutions conducted by regulatory bodies.

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