Mr. Gilbert NSHIMYUMUREMYI, Director of Academic Affairs & Academic Registrar​.

Director of Academic Affairs & Academic Registrar

Academic Affairs Directorate

The Office of the Registrar and Director of Academic Affairs plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of academic operations within the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali.This office provides leadership, management, and strategic direction for various aspects related to enrollment, academic records, and student services. The Registrar and Director of Academic Affairs are responsible for maintaining the integrity, accuracy, and security of academic records, as well as implementing policies and procedures that govern their responsible use. It works closely with academic units, faculty, students, and other stakeholders to ensure the efficient delivery of enrollment and record-related services.

Short Description

The Office of the Registrar and Director of Academic Affairs is entrusted with overseeing essential functions vital to the academic well-being of the institution. With a commitment to accuracy and professionalism, the office manages student records and ensures the integrity of academic processes. It facilitates student registration and enrollment and maintains up-to-date course schedules. Additionally, the office enforces university policies and regulations, as well as compliance with accreditation agencies such as the Higher Education Council (HEC) of Rwanda. It also holds the responsibility of setting the university academic calendar and communicating academic systems and management information to students. The Registrar and Director of Academic Affairs establishes and maintains policies and best practices that enhance customer service, uphold academic program integrity, and support the growing academic community. He advises and leads in the preparation of class schedules, develops and monitors the university’s academic calendar, and contributes to the development of educational policies pertaining to students and academics. The office actively seeks to utilize technology to improve graduation rates, retention, and degree progression within the student body. Moreover, he oversees the operations of the Office of the Registrar, manages student records and registration procedures, and supervises staff responsible for records systems and transcript production.

In summary, the Office of the Registrar and Director of Academic Affairs is dedicated to providing efficient and effective services to the academic community. The office is also committed to maintaining the accuracy and security of academic records, implementing strategic plans that enhance student success, and leveraging technology to support the university’s enrollment goals.