UNILAK is involved in many interesting research projects. The results of our studies are published in scientific articles, books and reports. We also share our knowledge through lectures, conferences, blogs, social media and as experts in various contexts.

Some of UNILAK’s research areas includes the following: 

· Monetary economics.

· Open economy macroeconomics.

· International financial institutions.

· Exchange rates and interest rates.

· International finance.

· Financial markets and institutions.

· Organizational Behaviour.

· Management Development.

· Robustness

· Energy efficiency

· 6G

· 5G and beyond

· Smart Cities

· Smart Homes

· Industry 4.0

· Logistics

· Automotive Telecom

· Blockchain

· Fintech

· E-Health

· Big Data

· Internet of Things

· Privacy, identity and Public Safety

· Arbitration and dispute resolution

· Commercial law

· Comparative law

· Corporate, insolvency and financial law

· Criminal law and criminal justice

· Environmental law

· Family law

· Human rights

· Intellectual property

· Environmental Issues

· Environmental Law

· Environmental Economics

· Environmental Policy

· Environmental Health and Safety Research Topics

· Environmental Engineering

· The effect of climate change on humans

· Acid rain and its association with industries

· Role of pesticides in Soil Contamination

· The role of humans in Global Warming

· Causes of forest fire outbreak

· Effective ways to manage the greenhouse effect

· Ocean acidification

· Impact of polythene bags disposal