Ongoing Research

We are a global research community collaborating across our campuses and around the world. As people for others, our students and professors seek the truth to solve problems locally and globally. We’re probing major health and science frontiers and tackling data to shape public policy and understand how society can use technological advances for good. From bench to bedside and practice to policy we are innovators, incubating ideas to improve our communities and inform policy. We share ideas and shape the future.

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Lists of Ongoing Research

     Below are some of the ongoing research at UNILAK 

  1. Kiramira Johnn, Efficiency of Nyandungu Wetland for nutrients and organic matter removal with regards to its capacity enhance water quality.
  2. Cedrick Nsengiyumva, Francois Hategekimana, Fils Vainqueur Byringiro, Digne Edmond Rwabuhungu, Landslide Geo-Hazard Risk Assessment in Northern Part of Rwanda Based on Remote Sensing and Field Survey.
  3. Protogene Mugenga, Assessing the contribution of landscape approach to forest restoration and conservation (LAFRC) project on sustainable management of natural resources, case study of Gishwati-Mukura national park.
  4. Daniel Nsengumuremyi, Sylvestre Havugimana, Francois N. Niyonzima, EXTRACTION AND APPLICATION OF LAKE SAPROPEL IN RWANDA.
  5. Lanhai Li, Shui Yu, Lixia Zhang, Vulnerability of agricultural water resources in Central Asia under climate change.
  6. Diogene Tuyizere, Preliminary evidence of upland plant encroachment in high-elevation wetlands of Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.
  7. Philibert Niyonsenga, Assessment of indoor radon concentrations in buildings in Kigali, Rwanda by using RAD-7 Detector.
  8. Tie Liu,  Groundwater Level Response to Climate Change and Human Activities in Dry Regions: A Case Study of the Amu Darya Delta.
Ongoing Research
Ongoing Research