Industry Engagement

From innovating new products to transforming service development, at UNILAK we forge collaborative industry partnerships that are driving real change for society, the environment and business. Many of our academics are involved in business-related activities, supported by dedicated account management teams. We work with businesses across a broad range of sectors, from small and medium enterprises to multinationals with a global footprint.

How we work with industries

From innovating new products to transforming service development, at UNILAK we are forging collaborative partnerships with industry that are driving real change for society, the environment and business.

Start and grow your business

We have a host of programmes to support you in growing your new business or established SME. Our teams provide guidance in multiple areas including: gaining practical advice on legalities, how to register your new company, support with business grants and support programmes

Train your people

We want your business to benefit from an upskilled, engaged workforce through a partnership with us. We offer degree apprenticeships, work-based learning, mentoring, management training and much more

Source Your Future Talent

Whether you're an international business or a local SME, we offer a range of opportunities for you to employ highly skilled students and graduates, on either a short-term or permanent basis.

Collaborate with our academics

Gain access to industry-leading expertise by collaborating with UNILAK’s innovative thinkers.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

We have a strong history of working in partnership with industry and delivering successful outcomes to businesses.

Commercialisation and Intellectual Property

We partner with multiple industrial collaborators who drive the innovations developed by our academics forward

UNILAK Partners with
the 6th International Conference on Environment, energy and development (ICEED 2023)

Industry Research Engagement

UNILAK discoveries, innovations and inventions have potential for huge positive impact in the real world, if they can just reach the right audience and end users.

Businesses understand real-world problems and seek to solve them, if they can connect to the right scientific and technical experts.

Closing the research-industry gap can be a win for both sides that also benefits society in general.

Industry engagement includes a broad range of university-business interactions, and can lead to productive collaborations. It involves exchange of knowledge and ideas, to enhance capabilities and technologies. Industry engagement is a valuable (although optional) part of a researcher’s role at UNILAK.

Sometimes industry drives research: a business may have a question or problem that UNILAK’s experts can resolve through commercial research. Sometimes research drives industry: discoveries, inventions and innovations can be commercialised as new products or services. In the process, intellectual property (IP) may be created.

UNILAK's Environmental studies Lab.

Funding opportunities

With the help of our Research and Innovation Office we will investigate suitable joint bid proposals where universities and businesses are eligible to apply for funding. This public funding, if successfully secured, can add to a business’s own funding, and that of other partners in the case of multi-partners projects, leveraging R&D budgets and answering research questions for each contributor.

Plan your business

To estimate, test and forecast your organisation development and manufacturing challenges, specialist facilities are often required, whether physical or virtual, such as sophisticated software modelling.