About the program

In response to the threat posed by natural or technological disasters and crises, UNILAK has started the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management. In this Department, students learn how to identify emergencies and disaster situations, draw up emergency plans, oversee resource distribution and emergency health services when disaster strikes, manage the delivery of emergency services, and cope with the after-effects of humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

Length of study program and degree awarded

The Department of Emergency and Disaster Management is a three-year undergraduate program leading to the award of a Bachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management.

Graduates career prospects

There is a variety of job prospects for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management. Typical positions for these graduates include Emergency Management Coordinator, Emergency service manager/coordinator, Public safety officer, Hazardous materials manager, Emergency planner, Business continuity planner, firefighter, Law enforcement officer, trainer, consultant, Disaster program manager, coordinator of emergency and disaster-related projects, etc.