Mandate of ICT & Online Teaching Directorate 

The overall mandate of the ICT & Online Teaching Directorate is coordinating the development of ICT Infrastructure and services at UNILAK (University of Lay Adventists of Kigali) so as to enhance the quality of teaching-learning, research and support academic and financial activities. The following are the main duties of the ICT & Online Teaching Directorate: Plan and develop strategically responsive information communication technology projects and programs in support of the University’s goals.


The mission of ICT & Online Teaching Directorate is to provide, coordinate, and facilitate the use of ICT in all activities of the University in order to facilitate change.


The mission of ICT & Online Teaching Directorate is to exploit ICT to its full potential thereby assisting the University in elevating its position to a center of academic excellence.


The ICT & Online Teaching Directorate meets the following objectives:

  • To plan, develop and manage University-wide ICT infrastructure
  • To develop/acquire relevant applications
  • To manage operations and maintenance of ICT resources
  • To train end-users on computer applications in use and offer end-user computing support
  • To promote staff development program to ensure that ICT staff continue to acquire the necessary skills to provide high-quality services and support
  • To advise and consult the University management on the acquisition of ICT resources and related issues
  • Carry out researches in ICT 

Teams under ICT & Online Teaching Directorate: The directorate’s governance structure represents five operational teams:

  1. ICT, Network and CCTV Cameras Infrastructure Team
  2. Software and Application Team
  3. Online Teaching and Learning, all Unilak web Sites, Technical Support, Software and Application Developer/Programmer Assistant
  4. Multimedia Team
  5. Lab Attendant Team