Sport and Culture

Whatever your level and whatever your sport, at UNILAK you'll find plenty of opportunities to stay active. UNILAK’s excellent sports and fitness facilities will help you stay on top of your game in an environment that promotes a proactive approach to sport, recreation, health and wellbeing. We aim to give everyone (students and staff) the opportunity to be active, whatever your sport or recreation and at whatever level you want to participate.

Sport and Culture

UNILAK coordinates different sports activities. Its adequate sports infrastructure includes football, basketball, and volleyball grounds, as well as related materials. The university also has enough space for walking, jogging, and other sports activities. Any student, new or continuing, can adhere to any of his/her favourite sports. In addition to sports, the cultural troupe is open to any student wishing to develop his or her dancing and poetic talents, etc.

It is worth mentioning that each academic year, both male and female teams as well as the cultural troupes are reorganized to integrate new students. From time to time, UNILAK sports teams and cultural troupes participate and represent the institution in various national and international inter-university competitions. UNILAK also organizes internal competitions among its own students.



The main objectives of the Sports and Recreation Unit are as follows:

  • To establish sport development goals for UNILAK
  • To identify the major challenges/constraints to the realization of these goals.
  • To identify the required resources to attain these goals.
  • To present strategies to achieve the identified goals.

Mission and Vision

To provide UNILAK’s community with equal opportunities to participate in sport and recreation at the highest level of which they are interested and capable: hence developing our community as total human beings, enhancing their abilities to excel in sports and recreation, achieve academic success and develop positive character traits that will prove to be of sustaining value for themselves and the community.

To effectively promote, develop and manage sport at UNILAK within a Pan-African context by providing quality programmes and services.