UNILAK Nyanza Campus

The campus was instituted in the year 2011. This campus that is located in the land of Rwandan historic royalty (Nyanza) is a “Home away from Home”. A home in the sense that it provides all the necessities of a fully-fledged residential campus. The hostels are those of both hygiene and comfort for both the male and female students. The meals at the campus are as healthy as recommended by the healthy standards and prepared by professionals. The cafeteria space is just amazing. Most of what is fed on by the students is produced on the farms of UNILAK Nyanza which is also a community demonstrational site for the locals and an experimental learning ground for our students especially those that learn Rural Development and Cooperatives Studies. One can’t forget to commend the kind of parental environment that prevails on the campus. The staff and the students have more of family relation than a mere employee student relationship. When is the last time you felt at home? Visit Nyanza Campus to kill the Nostalgia!