Research is central to the twin missions of the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali to offer solutions to society’s big problems and be a leading, global educational institution. These ambitions are intimately linked, and the innovations from them have benefited the country’s health, economy, and political processes and make UNILAK increasingly prominent.

The University’s Centre for Research and Innovation leads in research that advances society, such as environmental sciences and ICT. At the same time, it is growing capacity in scholarship, community development, and industrial relevance.

The unique funding arrangements of the institution ensure its long-term commitment to the welfare of society.

UNILAK Research Profile :UNILAK has an international scientific journal named “East African Journal of Science and Technology, EAJST is online (http://eajournal.unilak.ac.rw/)and printed periodically. (ISSN: 2227-1902).

UNILAK organizes yearly international conference where UNILAK with fellow researchers share knowledge at international level in different domains especially in cooperative management, sustainable development, Law and environmental studies. These conferences, research projects and publications involve academic staffs, undergraduate and post graduate students and national and international stakeholders.