Telesphore Rudatebwa, Director of Library Services​ at UNILAK-Rwanda.
Mr. Telesphore Rudatebwa

Director of Library Services

UNILAK’s Library Services (ULS) is an academic information center comprising three campus libraries, situated at the university’s three campuses in Rwanda namely Kigali city (Headquarter), Nyanza (in the Southern Province) and Rwamagana (in the Eastern Province).

The importance of the Library is entrenched in its vision and mission, that are aligned to that of the institution it serves.

The Library’s mission is to provide an adequate learning environment and quality user centered information services that enhance excellent education, research and community service endeavors of the University and fostering the human development of Rwanda citizens. The vision of the Library is to be a user –centered Library service that advances the University teaching, inspires research and energizes learning through quality collections and digital content, innovative services and programs for producing responsible citizens that transform the living of Rwandan community.

Guided by the Christian ethics, the Library respects the following values:

Service Provision

UNILAK's libraries are committed to the creation of a user-centered services and a welcoming environment conducive to learning and research by offering a diversified collections, facilities and services to the users at the highest standard. The provision of literature and information is guaranteed to all members of the university for research, teaching and study purposes, in compliance with the Library Policies. The ULS are based on various tasks such as building up collections, purchasing, developing and providing literature and information together with the associated infrastructure. A particular focus on electronic media to accommodate the particular needs researchers. The ULS provide an extensive collection of e-books, e-journals and subject-specific databases to both students and scientists.


The Library embraces creativity and flexibility to drive the cutting edge of knowledge and technology. Many students consider the library to be their preferred location for learning and communicating at the university. Library rooms well equipped, reading rooms equipped with computer workstations, Internet access, and extensible opening hours meet the requirements of an integrated facility for learning and working. The ULS use quality management systems to achieve its aims. The introduction of modern management methods and the ongoing improvement of efficient planning and decision-making structures are integrated components of the Library’s development. The ULS take a flexible and efficient approach to the growing expectations relating to supplying academic literature and actively participate in developing innovative services and products.


In today’s information-based society, skilled handling of information and media is a key qualification for success at university and at work. The ULS uses internationally recognized standards and instruments for handling the information materials and its staff are committed to perform their tasks professionally in searching for high-quality sources of information. The ULS support professionally the study courses and organize user- guidance and trainings in information

Integrity and Discipline

The Library staff are committed to excellence and work in a way that respects and reflects professionalism, ethical, and courteous behavior. The ULS staff are characterized by integrity and discipline.


UNILAK Library is engaged in open and honest communication at all levels, seeking feedback to insure understanding and opinions about decisions that affect its success.

Relationship and Partnership

The Library strives to build the relationships and partnership based on mutual trust and respect.