Unilak's Language Center

The goal of the Centre for Language Enhancement is to help interested parties, including UNILAK students, acquire the necessary language skills to succeed in their academic and professional endeavours. The Centre offers support, especially to foreign students who study at UNILAK and come from diverse linguistic backgrounds.


Language Centre


UNILAK Language Enhancement Center receives students and any other person who are interested in improving their language proficiency and obtaining a Language Proficiency Certificate. Each candidate of the Center for Language Enhancement has to sit for Admission test before getting registered to the Center’s consecutive trainings.  Students at UNILAK are immediately eligible to sit for the Admission Test, while outside participants have to pay the admission fees before being allowed to take the test.

Levels of Language Proficiency

The Admission Test classifies candidates into levels of language proficiency. There are five levels of language proficiency namely: Beginners, Elementary,  Pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper intermediate (advanced).

Duration of Training

The training program lasts for ten months, with each level consisting of a two-month duration. Students from different Language Proficiency Levels undergo 3-hour training sessions per day, comprising 2 hours of consecutive training and 1 hour of language practice.

Countries Represented

Students from different countries have already been registered in UNILAK Language Center; the following are countries represented in the Centre: Gabon, Central Africa, Libya, Republic of Chad, Soudan, DRC and Rwanda Your comments and suggestions through “contact us” corner will be highly appreciated for the betterment of the centre’s services and achievements.

Head of Language Centre
Contact: +250783384823

Email: triplesses@gmail.com

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Head of Language Centre
Email: triplesses@gmail.com