Research Impact

At UNILAK, our researchers are working across disciplines to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy and the environment. These case studies highlight just some of the areas where we are delivering positive research impact. Our research is making a difference. UNILAK is committed to generating high-quality research that tackles some of the challenges in Rwanda and also the biggest global challenges of today and makes a difference in the lives of people in our local community, across Rwanda and around the world.


Research Impact Team

A great place to start with your research impact question is with the research impact team at UNILAK.
They will be able to help answer your question and signpost you to the right people to help address your specific need(s). They work closely with others across the University who are involved in supporting you with Impact. This includes the research development managers, the research marketing and PRO, as well as your faculty and departmental impact leaders.

Email: research@unilak.ac.rw

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Research Impact

UNILAK's Research Impact in Rwanda

Research Impact in Rwanda's Agriculture
Soil and water baseline analysis and end line survey

Soil and water baseline analysis and end line survey for sustainable agriculture in Nyirabidibiri wetland, Rwamagana district, Rwanda. Period: 2022 – 2025

Benefits: This project allowed farmers to know the status of their soils in terms of soil quality. Recommendations from this research on the soil quality are being used by the farmers for the sake of increasing their production but also protection of the environment by using appropriate inputs (Fertilizers)
2. Youth Leading Changes in Resilient Private Extension and Advisory Services for Job and Wealth Creation.

Youth Leading Changes in Resilient Private Extension and Advisory Services

Youth Leading Changes in Resilient Private Extension and Advisory Services for Job and Wealth Creation. Period: 2022 – 2024.

Benefits: Agribusiness and innovation incubation center has been constructed in UNILAK is currently being used to offer services related to entrepreneurship and private extension
Impactful Training, Innovation and Technology Transfer (UPLIFT) in Agriculture

Impactful Training, Innovation and Technology Transfer (UPLIFT) in Agriculture.

Universities Promoting Linkages For Impactful Training, Innovation and Technology Transfer (UPLIFT) in Agriculture. Period: 2023 - 2026

Benefits: The project aims to improve the effectiveness of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, and Zimbabwe by strengthening relationships with industry stakeholders, introducing improved agriculture teaching methods, designing innovative curricula, and strengthening innovation incubation centers and technology transfer offices. This will be accomplished in partnership with HEIs in Germany, Italy and Denmark.
UNILAK's law students visited Rwanda Parliament

UNILAK's Legal Clinic Project

UNILAK Legal Clinic operates under the Faculty of Law. It started in 2006 with a vision of providing free legal Aid to vulnerable people and those who can’t afford legal fees for lawyers.

People who need those services they come to UNILAK Legal Clinic in all our three campuses that is KIGALI, RWAMAGANA and NYANZA

The aim of the Legal Clinic is to also carry out impact research within the faculty of law, that benefits our local communities within Rwanda.
The Faculty of Law is also running a Project called Know Your Land Rights Campaign.
UNILK's Academic Research Impact

Academic Research Impact

At UNILAK, academic impact is a measure of the reach and significance within academia of research outputs, typically research papers, and the frequency with which they are picked up and utilised by others in the space.

This is typically measured in terms of bibliometrics and citation counts, and contributes towards the h-index of a researcher. Our Research Impact at UNILAK focuses on the wider impact of research beyond academia.
UNILAK's Business Engagement & Knowledge Exchange

Business Engagement and knowledge Exchange

UNILAK supports partnership activity with external organisations across a number of mechanisms.

We partner with businesses large and small in different ways, which includes research collaboration, knowledge exchange, consultancy, skills, services, facilities and many other aspects of business partnering.

What Makes Us Different

The research we do at UNILAK impacts the lives of people regionally, nationally, and globally.

At UNILAK, we’ve created a thriving research environment. Our talented people, outstanding facilities, and strong collaborative networks make it possible to deliver academic rigour and innovation.

We have an established history of research excellence, both nationally and globally. Our researchers are dedicated to finding real and practical solutions to major issues. They're focused on improving social, economic, and environmental well-being.

Making our mark internationally

Multidisciplinary collaborations—along with active national and international relationships—are a core element of our research success. We are experts at finding groundbreaking research teams with the required expertise to solve real-world problems.