Dr. Ephrard RULINDA, Dean of Students at UNILAK-Rwanda Affairs​
Dr. Ephrard RULINDA

Dean of Students Affairs

Students Affairs

The office of the Dean of Student Affairs is concerned primarily with students’ needs and well-being outside the traditional classroom, advocacy for the resolution of students’ problems, administering the standards of students’ conduct, encouraging and facilitating a respectful and collegial campus environment and integration in the academic life.

Health Services

Health is one of the prerequisites of intellectual work optimization. When disease occurs while a student is at UNILAK, the emergency cases are treated by a permanent healthcare provider recruited to this end. Students needing further treatment are directly referred to the relevant health facility and are responsible for any costs associated with those services. In this case, it is the role and responsibility of the student’s family/guardian to take care of him/her.

Sport and Culture

The Directorate of Student Affairs coordinates different sports activities. UNILAK adequate sports infrastructures include football, basketball, and volleyball grounds, and related materials. Any student, new or continuing, can adhere to any of his/her favourite sports. In addition to sports, UNILAK which has turned into an international institution, though this directorate, we organize cultural diversity events to expose our students to new tastes and experiences which develops their talents. Each academic year, UNILAK sports team and cultural troupe participate and represent the institution in various national and international inter-university competitions.

Students' Hostels

UNILAK established good quality and affordable hostels with modern facilities, attached mess, and an ample laundry space in both the residential campuses of Nyanza (Southern Province) and Rwamagana (Eastern Province). These campuses have separate hostels for boys and girls and can accommodate up to 700 students. Hostel accommodations are provided to students in need based on their request. Accommodated students are provided with information through a 24/7 wireless connection in hostels and a fully subscribed DSTV channels for entertainment, news, and education. The hostel mess serves wholesome, nutritious food with the help of a unique professional cooking facility.

Counselling Services

The Office of the Student Affairs and provides counseling services to UNILAK students to facilitate their personal, social, and emotional growth. Experienced and licensed professionals assist students in coping with challenges associated with a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, sexual assault, family problems, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, and adjustment to the University life, stress management, personal development, and any other mental health issues. The office offers a wide range of services in a safe, caring and confidential environment including but not limited to individual and group counseling sessions, group workshops, and off-campus referrals when needed.

Support for International Students

UNILAK welcomes students from all over the world who satisfy all entry requirements and strives to create a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for them. In line with the above, the Directorate of Students Affairs offers support and services tailored to the needs of international students since the expression of their interest in studying at UNILAK throughout their stay. International students are therefore provided with a wealth of practical pre-arrival and orientation information on living in Rwanda and particularly studying at UNILAK. New arrivals are facilitated to find affordable accommodation or hostels, link them with immigration offices to access visa and study permits to successfully pursue their studies and reach their full potential.

Community Engagement

Service to the community being one of the main missions of UNILAK, the office of the dean of students affairs promotes students involvement in community service programs as volunteers to contribute to the socio-economic development of our country. Through their volunteering activities, students participate in a broad array of activities pertaining to their diverse knowledge and skills to help respond to pressing community needs. Specifically, UNILAK students reach out to the community through community work, giving financial support to disadvantaged people, providing legal advice through UNILAK legal Clinic, delivering trainings, and organizing seminars, conferences, and workshops. It is worth mentioning that students’ community engagement not only benefit communities UNILAK but also has a positive impact on students’ career development. Their community involvement provides them with opportunities to network and share with others; develop transferable skills like problem solving, collaboration, time management, communication and leadership.