About the program

In light of increasing environmental damage to nature, wildlife, and people, the Department of Environmental Management and Conservation at UNILAK is meant to contribute to sustainable solutions for addressing the complexity of modern environmental issues in Rwanda and in the region and ensure that they respond to the needs and interests of the community.

Length of study program and degree awarded

The department of Environmental Management and Conservation offers a three-year training program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management and Conservation.

Graduates career prospects

There are plentiful and varied opportunities for graduates from the Department of Environmental Management and Conservation. They may find work as: Environmental scientist/analyst, Environmental manager, Environmental planner, Environmental consultant, Natural resources manager/specialist, Environmental educator, Park naturalist, Ecologist, Nature conservation officer, Recycling officer, Waste management officer, Conservation scientist, Landscape architect, Water quality scientist, Emergency Response Manager, Pollution Control Specialist, Soil Conservationist/Scientist, Wetlands/Watershed Resources Manager, Wildlife Biologist/Aquatic Ecologist, etc. They can also be self-employed.