About the program

Efforts to secure sustainable growth, food security, and equitable development cannot be achieved without giving priority to rural areas. It is in this regard that UNILAK started the Department of Rural Development designed to greatly contribute to the development of
rural areas and help improve the standard of living of rural population. This Department aims at preparing skilled and committed rural development professionals capable of bringing about structural change in rural areas, contributing to sustainable improvement in the quality of life of rural population, improving local capacity for sustainable economic development, and enhancing
community empowerment and citizen participation.

Length of study program and degree awarded

Successful completion of a three-year undergraduate program in Rural Development leads to the award of a Bachelor of Arts in Rural Development.

 Graduates career prospects

There are diversified career opportunities for graduates from the Department of Rural Development. They can work as managers, policy makers, consultants, researchers, project coordinators and officers, trainers, analysts, etc.