Research Talent Enhancement at UNILAK

We are committed to constantly growing and strengthening the talent of our research community to enhance our global impact and excellence in research. Active participation in the national and international research arenas is seen as crucial for the development of UNILAK as a leading research institution.  UNILAK’s Talent research also aims at proactively strengthening the competitive potential of research environments at UNILAK that do not yet have experience in acquiring external research funding. UNILAK Talent's cross-cutting tools complement the faculties' tools to strengthen academic quality and scope so that the institution can achieve its research goals.

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Strategic engagement

UNILAK creates opportunities for researchers to develop and enhance their skills, ideas and teams, UNILAK leads a number of initiatives to develop research teams and talent and to strategically grow research opportunities.

Growing Research Opportunities (GRO)

The GRO initiative is designed to help position UNILAK for research excellence in new areas. The GRO Academy is a leadership program designed to equip faculty will skills needed to lead complex, interdisciplinary collaborations in pursuit of external funding.

Attracting and retaining international talent

UNILAK supports the Rwandan Government’s drive to secure Rwanda’s position as a science and innovation superpower, UNILAK is recruiting the best researchers and talents from across the globe to create a centre of academic research and excellence.

Prof. Marius Teaching Research
UNILAK Partners with different Institutions Globally

About the Research Talent Accelerator

The Research Talent Accelerator is a program that aims to support motivated academics in becoming future research leaders by accelerating their career progression.

The program helps students and researchers to gain skills fundamental to research leadership, including how to persuade different audiences about the value and impact of their research.

They also learn how to lead interdisciplinary teams to create a significant impact in the world. This program enables students and academic researchers to connect with colleagues from across the university working in very different disciplines and come together to learn about how to be great research leaders.

The Research portfolio curates a program that exposes the fellows to some of our leading researchers. Research Talent Accelerator have had the opportunity to attend intensive workshops on research leadership and stakeholder engagement, as well as networking events to learn from and connect with research leaders from UNILAK and industry.
This program supports participants with standing for responsible research: research that is inclusive, that asks the necessary questions, that is mindful of how methodologies are designed, the power asymmetries that exist and which collects data in ways that are mindful of lived experience.