Master in Business Administration (MBA)​

UNILAK’s MBA will challenge, inspire and provide you with the business knowledge, experience and enhanced capabilities to manage and lead in a global environment of change and complexity.
Combining theory and practical business experience, our MBA will advance your knowledge and skills along a personlised career programme closely aligned to your own professional aspirations. Both challenging and inspirational, the programme is continually enhanced to ensure you perform at the cutting-edge of your chosen profession.

This MBA program is of two years duration. Each year shall be divided into two semesters.

Students pursuing this program can specialize in the following areas: 

✅ Master of Business Administration in Marketing
✅ Master of Business Administration in Finance
✅ Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management

✅ Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship
✅ Master of Business Administration in Project Management

This program primarily maintains a managerial emphasis. Our aim is to provide our students with lessons and applications that help them manage people and other resources to achieve the desired results. It also has a decision-making orientation. Since the current world is characterized by an imperfect environment and incomplete information, this program is designed to
prepare students to understand the risks and rewards of decision-making and to be responsible for the consequences that follow. Equally important, the program intends to cultivate creative problem-solving abilities among the students who are potential managers. 

UNILAK's Students revising in Kigali campus nature

Will an MBA help my career?

An MBA will certainly boost your career prospects, and for some it will be a requirement to achieve promotion. The rigorous academic tests you face during an MBA will also prove your resilience, competence and acumen in a business atmosphere. It may also help you change career or become an expert in a particular field.

UNILAK's Students inside Kigali Campus