UNILAK students unite to repair community roads

Members of the UNILAK Students Union/ Nyanza Campus joined forces with the National Police, youth volunteers, university management, and local residents on the 30th of November 2023 to address a persisting issue within their district.

The community had long been plagued by a water-related problem damaging the roadways, causing inconvenience to commuters and residents alike. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the diverse coalition of individuals came together to undertake a massive initiative.

The joint effort involved the digging of a 500-meter trench to redirect the water causing the road damage. Armed with shovels, spades, and a shared commitment to community welfare, the volunteers tirelessly worked throughout the day.

Under the leadership of the Students Union and with the support of the university management, the collaboration brought together students, police personnel, and enthusiastic youth volunteers.

“The collaboration between the university and the community was truly heartening,” remarked Mrs. Antoinette Umugwaneza, the guild president of UNILAK Student Union Nyanza Campus. “It wasn’t just about fixing the road; it was about building stronger ties between us and making a meaningful impact together.”

The Campus coordinator, Dr. Denise Mukandoli, expressed gratitude, stating, “This joint effort demonstrates the power of unity and collective action. Our students have shown tremendous dedication towards community service, setting a commendable example for all.”

The event concluded with heartfelt gratitude expressed by residents and authorities for the selfless dedication displayed by the university students and their partners. “This initiative showcases the potential when various groups unite for a common cause. It is a testament to the positive change that can be achieved through teamwork,” remarked one of the community citizens.