UNILAK explores collaborative ties in France

In a bid to foster international collaborations and enrich academic experiences, UNILAK embarked on a fruitful expedition across France this November. The Department of Partnerships led by Professor Anthony Uwaya, sought to establish ties with prominent institutions for potential collaborations, culminating in significant milestones during his visit.

On the 22nd of November, Professor Uwaya was warmly received by the Mayor of Avenay Val d’Or, marking a significant milestone in UNILAK’s international outreach efforts. The visit culminated in the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UNILAK and the municipality of Avenay Val d’Or. This landmark agreement primarily focuses on fostering cultural exchanges, aiming to broaden the horizons of both communities through shared experiences and collaborations.

Continuing the expedition, on Friday the 24th of November, the head of partnerships expanded the university’s outreach by visiting ESSEC Business School in France. The discussions centered on potential collaborations in diverse areas, including student exchange programs, staff exchange initiatives, PhD programs, and collaborative research endeavors. This visit sought to lay the groundwork for robust partnerships that would benefit students, faculty, and researchers from both institutions.

Speaking about these initiatives, Professor Uwaya emphasized the significance of such collaborations in enriching academic experiences and promoting a global perspective among students and faculty members at UNILAK. He highlighted the value of cross-cultural interactions in fostering innovation and academic excellence.

The engagements in France signify UNILAK’s commitment to fostering international partnerships and leveraging global synergies to enhance the quality of education and research opportunities for its academic community. With the MoU signed with Avenay Val d’Or and ongoing discussions with ESSEC Business School, the university looks forward to a promising future of fruitful collaborations and academic exchanges.