UNILAK's Students inside kigali campuse's events hall

UNILAK Law Students Engage in IHL Youth Dialogues Organized by ICRC_Rwanda

In a bid to foster a deeper understanding of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), students from the
Faculty of Law participated in the IHL Youth Dialogues, an enlightening initiative organized by the
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Rwanda. This engaging forum, which has captivated the
attention of young legal students, aims to promote dialogue and awareness surrounding the critical
aspects of International Humanitarian Law.
These sessions are designed by ICRC to provide real-world insight into the application of IHL in situations
of armed conflict, humanitarian crises, and beyond.
One of the highlights of the dialogues is the opportunity for students to engage directly with ICRC
representatives, enabling them to ask questions, seek guidance, and gain unique perspectives on the
complexities of IHL.
Mr. Turyahebwa Robert; a dean of the faculty of Law, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying,
“This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to deepen their understanding of a critical area of
law that has a profound impact on the world. The ICRC’s commitment to educating the next generation
of legal professionals is commendable.”
The IHL Youth Dialogues are not limited to classroom settings; they also provide students with a
platform to network with peers who share their passion for humanitarian law. This networking
opportunity facilitates the exchange of ideas and promotes collaboration among future legal
Dossen P.Gladsay, a student in the Law Faculty participating in the dialogues, shared her thoughts: “I’ve
always been interested in IHL, but this event has taken my knowledge to a whole new level. We are
looking forward to next time.”
The ICRC’s dedication to fostering a global dialogue on humanitarian issues is a testament to its mission.
By engaging the next generation of legal minds, this initiative ensures that the principles of IHL continue
to be upheld and advanced in the face of evolving challenges in the modern world.