Dr Sárdi encourages UNILAK students to explore scholarship opportunities at ELTE University

Dr. Rodolf Sárdi, in charge of Global Education Liaison in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Eötvös Loránd
University (ELTE), recently met with UNILAK students to introduce them to the rich academic offerings
and diverse scholarship opportunities available at ELTE.
ELTE University, situated in the heart of Budapest, has gained recognition as one of Hungary’s most
prestigious and internationally acclaimed higher education institutions. Dr. Sárdi’s visit to UNILAK aimed
to strengthen the ties between the two universities and open doors for prospective students from
UNILAK to explore the educational possibilities at ELTE.
During his visit, Dr. Sárdi addressed a gathering of students and staff, emphasizing the importance of
global education and cross-cultural experiences.
“Today, the world is more interconnected than ever before, and international education plays a pivotal
role in shaping the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. ELTE University is committed to providing a world-
class education and research environment to students from around the world,” said Dr. Sárdi during his
One of the primary focuses of Dr. Sárdi’s visit was to introduce the various scholarship opportunities
available at ELTE University for international students. ELTE offers a wide range of scholarships,
including merit-based scholarships, research fellowships, and grants for students pursuing
undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees. These scholarships are designed to support exceptional
students in their academic pursuits and contribute to the university’s diverse and vibrant international
After his address, Dr. Sárdi engaged in an interactive Q&A session with the students, addressing their
queries about admission procedures, academic programs, and life in Budapest. He also encouraged
UNILAK students to explore the possibility of studying at ELTE University and experiencing Hungary’s rich
culture and history.
The visit by Dr. Rodolf Sárdi served as a significant step in strengthening the educational ties between
UNILAK and ELTE University, providing a pathway for aspiring students to explore the world-class
educational opportunities and financial support available at ELTE.
Prospective students from UNILAK left the event inspired and motivated to explore the possibility of
becoming a part of ELTE’s rich academic tradition and multicultural community. This collaboration holds
promise for fostering global academic exchange and enriching the educational experiences of students
from both institutions.