UNILAK's Students

Nyanza Campus coordinator and students’ representatives collaborate for a promisingacademic year

The UNILAK Nyanza campus coordinator, Dr Denise Mukandoli met with students’
representatives in a crucial meeting held on September 26,2023 aimed at reflecting on the
previous academic year's accomplishments and challenges and laying out a roadmap for the
upcoming year. The meeting took place in the spirit of collaboration and partnership to ensure
the institution's continued success.
The meeting commenced with an overview of the accomplishments from the previous
academic year, which included a notable increase in student engagement, and a successful
series of academic and extracurricular events. Dr. Denise, the campus coordinator
acknowledged the students' vital role in achieving these milestones and expressed gratitude for
their dedication and enthusiasm.
However, the discussion didn't stop at celebrating successes. The coordinator and students’
representatives engaged in a constructive dialogue about areas that required attention and
enhancement. Issues such as communication between the administration and students, and a
desire for more diverse course offerings were raised and discussed.
In her closing remarks, Dr.Denise stated, "Our institution has a bright future, and it is our
collective responsibility to ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel. I believe that
by working together, we can address the challenges we face and build on our successes to
create an even better academic environment."
The students’ representatives expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to be part of the
discussion and their eagerness to contribute to the campus's ongoing development. They
agreed to meet regularly with the campus management to discuss progress and share insights
from their peers.
This collaborative effort between the campus coordinator and students’ representatives
reflects UNILAK's commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive academic community.
By engaging in open dialogue and partnership, the institution aims to ensure a successful
academic year that benefits all members of the campus community.