UNILAK Law Students champion Legal Clinic activities to tackle Gender-Based Violence and raise legal awareness

In a bid to enhance citizens’ understanding of various legal provisions, students from the esteemed Faculty of Law at UNILAK Rwamagana Campus have taken the initiative to conduct legal clinic activities every Tuesday in the surrounding areas.

The previous activities held in Muhazi Sector were meant to empower the local community and educate them about crucial aspects of the law on the prevention of Gender Based Violence, law governing matrimonial regimes, donations and successions, and the ministerial order determining types of servitude.

One of the primary focal points of these legal clinics is the awareness and prevention of gender-based violence. Recognizing the urgency of addressing this pressing issue, the students have dedicated considerable effort to elucidate the provisions of the law designed to protect victims and prosecute perpetrators. By holding interactive sessions and engaging with the community directly, they hope to dispel misconceptions and encourage reporting incidents of violence without fear or hesitation.

Moreover, the legal clinics have been instrumental in enlightening citizens about matrimonial regimes, donations, and successions. As these subjects often involve intricate legal frameworks, many individuals might be unaware of their rights and obligations. Through their informative sessions, the students aim to empower citizens, especially those from vulnerable communities, to make informed decisions and secure their rightful entitlements.

Furthermore, the legal clinics have taken the opportunity to shed light on the ministerial order determining types of servitude, which can be an often-misunderstood area of law. By clarifying the intricacies and ensuring citizens understand their rights and freedoms; the students hope to combat any potential cases of servitude or exploitation.

Mr Wilson Nsengiyumva, a lecturer and also a responsible of legal clinic activities at Rwamagana Campus, expressed his pride in the students’ dedication to community engagement.

“We are extremely proud of our students’ proactive approach towards making a positive impact in society. Through their legal clinic activities, they are exemplifying the core principles of our institution – to serve and uphold justice for all.” Said Mr. Wilson

Local residents who have attended the legal clinic activities have spoken highly of the initiative, expressing gratitude for the students’ efforts in sharing their legal knowledge. Many have stated that they now feel better equipped to protect themselves and seek justice if faced with legal challenges.

The legal clinic activities have garnered significant attention since their inception, with students from various academic years joining hands to make a difference in the lives of residents. Equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical experience, these aspiring legal professionals aim to provide invaluable insights into the complexities of law while promoting justice and equality.