UNILAK received Oxford’s Rhodes Scholar as Outreach Ambassador

UNILAK is excited to welcome Brian Micheni, a PhD student in Education at the prestigious University of Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar and Outreach Ambassador for East Africa.

Brian’s visit to UNILAK aimed to explore potential opportunities for an in-person outreach session to enlighten students about the Rhodes scholarship and its numerous benefits.

As an Outreach Ambassador, Brian’s primary focus was to provide UNILAK students with a comprehensive understanding of the Rhodes scholarship program. The session covered essential topics such as the application process, the significance of the scholarship, and the remarkable opportunities it offers for academic, personal, and professional growth.

He aimed to support students by offering first-hand tips and advice throughout their application journey. By sharing personal experiences and insights, Brian sought to inspire and encourage aspiring scholars from UNILAK to pursue their dreams of studying at the University of Oxford.

During the engaging outreach session, Brian also discussed other scholarship opportunities available at the University of Oxford. This broader perspective aimed to inform students about the wide range of funding options and academic programs offered at one of the world’s leading educational institutions.

Additionally, Brian shared insights regarding the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship, an esteemed award he had the privilege of receiving in the past. By discussing his personal journey and the transformative impact of such scholarships, Brian aimed to inspire students to explore various funding opportunities and seize them to pursue their academic and personal goals.

The University management expressed its gratitude for Brian’s visit, recognizing the value of such outreach sessions in empowering students and opening doors to exceptional academic opportunities.

The university administration hopes that Brian’s visit will inspire and motivate its students to strive for excellence, broaden their horizons, and pursue prestigious scholarships like the Rhodes scholarship.

UNILAK looks forward to fostering a continued relationship with the Rhodes Trust and other renowned institutions, facilitating access to invaluable opportunities for its students.

With Brian’s visit serving as a catalyst, the university aims to empower its students and support their academic aspirations, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of future leaders in education and beyond.