UNILAK emerged victorious in inter-University Reading and Writing research Competition organizedby Rwanda Writers Federation.

The exceptional performance throughout the competition earned UNILAK the prestigious trophy for the
best university.
The students who represented UNILAK in the competition were also celebrated for their dedication and
commitment to literary excellence. In recognition of their hard work, they received two brand-new
bicycles, a laptop, sports attire, and appreciation certificates.
The competition, aimed at fostering a love for literature and academic research among student.
The competition itself was no small feat. Over the course of three months, students engaged in rigorous
research and writing, exploring a wide range of topics, from classic literature to contemporary social
issues. Their efforts were judged by a panel of esteemed writers, scholars, and literary experts.
Mr. Mbanda Steven, a staff in the office of the dean of students at UNILAK, expressed his pride in the
students’ accomplishments. He stated, “Our students have demonstrated an extraordinary dedication to
the art of reading and writing. This victory not only showcases their talent but also highlights the
importance of fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and literary exploration.”
The winning students themselves were overjoyed by their success. Mr. Joseph Cyiza, one of the student
participants, said, “It’s been an incredible journey of self-discovery through literature. This competition
has allowed us to dig deep into the world of words and ideas, and we are proud of this success.”
UNILAK’s triumph in the Inter-University Reading and Writing Research Competition has not only
brought honor to the institution but has also reinforced the university’s commitment to academic
excellence and the promotion of literary pursuits among its students. The university looks forward to
further achievements in the field of literature and research in the years to come.