Members of AERG- TWUSIKIVI hold a meeting to discuss virtuous values in women

On the 5th of October 2023, members of the Students Survivors Association, AERG TWUSIKIVI,
a student-led organization, gathered for a meeting that focused on promoting positive values
among young women. The meeting, held at UNILAK Nyanza Campus, drew a diverse group of
students from different faculties of Nyanza Campus.
The primary objective of this gathering was to emphasize the importance of cultivating and
upholding good values, with a particular focus on young women. The meeting focused on the
need for young women to be role models in society and encouraged attendees to strive for
excellence in both their personal lives and communities.
Participants were engaged in a series of discussion to explore the concept of good values and
how they can positively impact the lives of individuals and the broader community. Topics
ranged from integrity and empathy to leadership and resilience.
The meeting concluded with a commitment from all attendees to take the lessons learned and
ideas generated back to their respective duties and responsibilities as students. The Survivors
Association pledged to provide ongoing support to help students implement these initiatives.
As the meeting came to a close, there was a sense of renewed enthusiasm among the students,
who left with a shared vision of fostering a society where good values are cherished and
upheld, especially among young women.