UNILAK and Rwanda Youth Biodiversity Network (RYBN) celebrated World Wetlands Day

On Friday, February 2nd, 2024, the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK) joined forces with the Rwanda Youth Biodiversity Network (RYBN) to celebrate World Wetlands Day. The event, held at the UNILAK campus, aimed to highlight the significance of wetlands and their impact on the planet and its inhabitants. Wetlands play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity, regulating water flow, and providing essential ecosystem services.

The day was marked by a series of activities with the primary objectives of raising awareness about wetlands, fostering dialogue among leaders, and mobilizing the youth to actively contribute to wetland restoration and protection for sustainable development.

One of the highlights of the celebration was a series of engaging leaders’ dialogues, where experts, policymakers, and environmentalists discussed the current state of wetlands, the challenges they face, and potential solutions for their preservation. These dialogues provided a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to protect these valuable ecosystems.

Throughout the event, participants actively engaged in discussions on the various aspects of wetland conservation, including the importance of sustainable practices, the role of wetlands in climate change mitigation, and the significance of involving youth in environmental initiatives.

Environmentalists seized the occasion to disseminate crucial information about wetlands, enlightening attendees about the threats these ecosystems face and the tangible steps individuals can take to protect them. RYBN representatives shared insights into their ongoing projects and initiatives aimed at safeguarding wetlands in Rwanda.

In line with the global theme of Wetland Day, “Wetlands and Water,” the event served as a call to action for communities and individuals to appreciate and protect these invaluable resources. Attendees were encouraged to embrace sustainable practices in their daily lives, contribute to wetland restoration projects, and advocate for policies that prioritize the conservation of these critical ecosystems.

UNILAK and RYBN expressed their commitment to continuing such collaborative efforts, emphasizing the need for ongoing education and community engagement to ensure the long-term preservation of wetlands for future generations. The Wetland Day celebration served as a reminder that the protection of these ecosystems is not only an environmental necessity but also a collective responsibility for the well-being of the planet.