Moot Court Champion Ingabire Esther embarks on legal internship at Legal Aid Forum

Ingabire Esther, a standout student in the Faculty of Law at UNILAK, has commenced her legal internship at the Legal Aid Forum following her victory as the champion of the Inter-University Moot Court Competition on Asylum and Refugee Law Edition 2023. The prestigious competition was organized by the Legal Aid Forum.

The Inter-University Moot Court Competition on Asylum and Refugee Law is renowned for being a challenging platform that tests participants on their understanding and application of asylum and refugee laws. Esther’s success in this competition not only showcased her dedication and expertise but also earned her the well-deserved reward of a legal internship at the Legal Aid Forum.

The Legal Aid Forum, a prominent organization committed to providing legal assistance to marginalized and underprivileged communities, has welcomed Esther with open arms. As part of her reward for emerging as the champion in the moot court competition, Esther will have the opportunity to work closely with seasoned legal professionals and gain hands-on experience in the field of asylum and refugee law.

Speaking about her achievement, Ingabire Esther expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the Legal Aid Forum’s noble cause. “I am thrilled to embark on this journey with the Legal Aid Forum. The moot court competition has equipped me with valuable skills, and I am eager to apply them in real-world scenarios to make a positive impact,” she stated.

The Legal Aid Forum recognizes the significance of nurturing young talents like Esther and believes that her internship will not only contribute to her professional development but also enhance the organization’s ability to address complex legal issues related to asylum and refugee matters.

As Ingabire Esther embarks on this new chapter of her legal career, the Legal Aid Forum looks forward to benefiting from her fresh perspective and enthusiasm. Esther’s internship is not just a reward for her outstanding performance in the moot court competition but also an opportunity for her to make a meaningful contribution to the legal community and advocate for those in need.