UNILAK achieves remarkable 5th place in Webometrics Ranking

The University of Lay Advenists of Kigali (UNILAK) has proudly secured the 5th place in the prestigious Webometrics Ranking for the year 2024.

This accomplishment is a testament to its dedication to advancing education through innovative means and maintaining a strong research and online presence. The university has actively embraced digital technologies, enhancing its visibility and accessibility to both national and international audiences.

Webometrics, a widely recognized ranking system that assesses the online presence and impact of higher education institutions, recently released its latest rankings, and UNILAK’s notable placement reflects its commitment to excellence in various academic and digital aspects.

UNILAK’s website, research publications, and online engagement have contributed significantly to its high standing in the Webometrics Ranking.

Students and faculty members at UNILAK have also played a crucial role in contributing to the university’s strong online presence through their research, publications, and engagement on various digital platforms.

Prof Ngamije Jean, The Vice Chancellor of UNILAK, expressed immense pride in this achievement, stating, “Securing the 5th place in the Webometrics Ranking is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff, and students. It reflects our commitment to embracing digital advancements in education and showcasing the excellence of UNILAK. We are thrilled to be recognized among the top institutions in Rwanda.”

UNILAK has been actively investing in technology infrastructure, online learning platforms, and digital resources to enhance the overall learning experience for its students. This commitment has not only contributed to its success in the Webometrics Ranking but has also to reinforce its position as a key player in the Rwandan higher education landscape, setting new standards for academic achievement in the digital age.

The university plans to build on this achievement by further expanding its digital initiatives, fostering collaboration with industry partners, and providing a cutting-edge learning environment for its students.