A Public Lecture on Hope and Justice in the EAC Court of Justice took place at UNILAK

In a bid to foster a deeper understanding of hope and justice within the East African Community (EAC)
Court of Justice, UNILAK organized a public lecture where Professor Phooko Retselisitsoe , a lecturer in
the Faculty of Law was the speaker. The event has drawn an audience of students, lecturers, and legal
practitioners from across the country, all eager to engage in discussions that could yield valuable lessons
for the Southern African development community.
The lecture, held at UNILAK conference room on the 22 nd of September, 2023, commenced with an
opening address by the university’s Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Mr. Richard
Niyonkuru, who welcomed the attendees and highlighted the significance of discussing hope and justice
within the context of the East African region.
Prof. Phooko, who was the speaker at the event, has brought his wealth of knowledge and experience.
Participants at the event were actively engaging in discussions centered on the lessons that can be
learnt from the EAC Court of Justice’s jurisprudence.
“One of the primary objectives of this lecture is to stimulate critical thinking and generate ideas that
could contribute to the development of the African continent as a whole. Many believe that the EAC’s
successes and challenges can provide valuable insights for other regional communities seeking to
promote economic integration, peace, and prosperity;” said Mr. Robert Turyahebwa, the dean of the
faculty of Law.
The diverse audience at UNILAK includes students eager to expand their understanding of regional legal
systems, lecturers who are keen on staying updated with the latest developments in the field, and legal
practitioners who hope to gain new perspectives on the complexity of justice in the EAC.
The conversations revolved around the practical implementation of legal and ethical frameworks to
address the challenges facing the region, including issues related to human rights, trade, and
The event which took place at UNILAK serves as a testament to the importance of education and
dialogue in shaping a brighter future for the East African region and the entire continent.
The public lecture on hope and justice in the EAC Court of Justice at UNILAK promises to be a
transformative event, fostering a deeper understanding of regional legal systems and their potential
impact on African development.