Agriculture cooperatives’ members trained on access to finance  

Despite all efforts made; Rwamagana Agriculture cooperatives are not performing successfully as it has been reported through RCA audit reports and Land O’Lakes assessment reports.

“Poor internal control system specifically lack of governance and updated internal regulations, limited awareness of cooperative law and lack of professional staff are major factors hindering the development of agriculture cooperatives in Rwamagana”; said Dr. Javan Semana; one of the workshop organizer and Coordinator of Rwamagana Campus

In line of improving the performance of those cooperatives and equipping cooperative leaders with skills in internal control  and raising their awareness on cooperative law; LAND O’ LAKES Venture 37 in partnership with University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (Rwamagana Campus), Rwamagana District and Rwamagana Maize Cooperative Union has organized a two days workshop on cooperative  performance  and cooperative learning platform from this Wednesday 23rd February to 25th February 2022 at UNILAK Rwamagana Campus.

“Many efforts were produced to support these cooperatives among them access to drying and storage facilities, construction of feeder roads, establishment of maize processing plants and also UNILAK Rwamagana Campus  has availed professionals who could assist cooperative members in smoothly running their businesses; but these cooperative are working in vain”; the concept note reads.

Mr. Mbonyumunyi Radjab, Mayor of Rwamagana District who opened the workshop activities as the guest of honor urged the cooperative members who participated in the workshop to not take this learning opportunity for granted and to do their best to end this workshop with some skills which will help them to run their cooperatives successfully.

“The fact that you have chosen to work together would have worked for your wealth and for the development of your country. Grab all the opportunities which are available on your way”; said Mayor Mbonyumuvunyi Radjab.

Land O’ Lakes Venture 37 expects having empowered cooperative members at the end of this workshop.

“We want to improve their access to agriculture financing, inputs and markets and this will be achieved through raising their awareness on the current cooperative law and compliance, internal control systems and minimization of irregularities;” said Kabera Jean Bosco, one of the trainee from Land O’ Lakes  Land O’Lakes Venture37 dubbed CD4  is working directly with National Confederation of Cooperatives, federations, unions and primary cooperatives to improve business performance and professionalism of its partner cooperatives and impact their economic transformation and sustainable growth as well as their members.