International students at UNILAK cheerful

International students studying at the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK) have commended its efforts in offering quality education and improving their wellbeing so that they can concentrate on pursuing academic excellence without disruptions.

UNILAK is among private universities in Rwanda reputed for quality education that attracts local and foreign students.

The university receives new students every year including internationals from African countries pursuing quality education.

Today, the university has close to 200 international students from more than 15 African countries including Liberia, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Mauritania, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Congo, DRC and Angola among others.

Some international students talked about the support received from the school to perform well and socialize with Rwandans.

The representative of international students at UNILAK, Prince Fobay has said that they are safe in Rwanda and socialize with colleagues through established network.

He explained that they initially struggled to get familiar with the environment due to barriers to understand Kinyarwanda but have mixed with the society and pursue courses easily and aim high to achieve academic excellence.

“The ultimate goal of a student is to succeed. We are trying as much as we can as Africans to be flexible to changes to strive to be meaningful not only to our mother countries but also to the entire African continent, “he said.

“Students also work hard with courage to pursue studies and exhibit outstanding performance. It is apparent that students are eager to shine and update their research skills,” Fobay added.

Considering the knowledge acquired from UNILAK and support extended to international students, Fobay affirmed that he made the right choice and encouraged more students to join the university.

Pricious klede, another student from Liberia studying Accounting at UNILAK revealed that she learnt about UNILAK via internet.

She expressed optimism that acquired knowledge will pave the way for her brighter future.

“After completing secondary studies, I started searching for a university where I had to advance my education. I learnt about Rwanda and UNILAK over the internet. I choose to come to Rwanda because of its serene atmosphere, good culture and security,” she noted.

“I did not integrate easily upon arrival because Rwanda and Liberia don’t offer courses in similar programs. It took me at least three months because lecturers make possible efforts to assist students until they understand. They are also flexible to provide more explanations even during extra working hours,” Pricious added.

Apart from existing courses, she disclosed that the university has started teaching them Kinyarwanda language so that they can be more familiar with the society.

The Dean of Students at UNILAK, Ephron Nyamaswa has said that foreign students are assisted with special attention.

“Normally, a student is our client and the client is a King. We show students that they are coming in the right time and are much valued. We have established a network of international students to easily follow up issues that might be hindering their studies or wellbeing,” he noted.

Nyamaswa explained that the gentle treatment makes students feel at home and study comfortably.

“The school becomes the students’ parent when they are far from biological parents. We make possible efforts as much as we can and keep in touch with relatives to ensure their wellbeing,” he emphasized.

Apart from ensuring their wellbeing, the university also helps international students to get documents allowing them to study in Rwanda.

As Nyamaswa explained, UNILAK seeks to continue advancing quality education and introduce distance learning.

UNILAK has different branches in Kigali, Nyanza and Rwamagana. It is currently registering students willing to pursue studies in Law, Economic sciences and Management, Computing and Information Sciences and Environmental studies for the next intake expected to begin studies in April 2022.

Pr. Nyamaswa Dean of students
Prince Fobay UNILAK International student
Prince Fobay UNILAK International student
Pricious klede UNILAK International student