Professor Wael Kortam trains UNILAK lecturers on Grant Proposal Writing

The University of Lay Adventists of Kigali, a prestigious institution renowned for its academic excellence, recently had the privilege of hosting Professor Wael Kortam, a distinguished scholar from the esteemed University of Cairo, Egypt who conducted a comprehensive training session on grant proposal writing for the university’s lecturers.

The training, which lasted for a day, was hailed as a great opportunity for the faculty members to enhance their knowledge and skills in securing research funding.

Dr Emmanuel Hakizimana, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academics and Research at UNILAK, expressed his gratitude for having Professor Wael share his expertise with their staff.

 “We are honored to have Professor Wael, a visiting Professor from Cairo University, Egypt  impart his vast knowledge on grant proposal writing to our lecturers,” said Dr. Emmanuel

 “This training is an invaluable opportunity for our faculty members to learn from an experienced professor who has a proven track record in securing research grants.” He added.

During the training session, Professor Wael shared his extensive experience and expertise, discussing key elements such as project design, methodology, budgeting, and effective communication.

The participants actively engaged in interactive discussions and practical exercises, further deepening their understanding of the grant writing process.

The visiting professor emphasized the importance of clear and concise proposal writing, as well as the significance of aligning research objectives with the funding agency’s priorities. He provided valuable tips and strategies for effectively presenting research ideas, highlighting the need for innovation and societal impact in grant proposals.

The University lecturers expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for the training opportunity. Driven by a desire to enhance their research capabilities and secure external funding, they actively participated in the training, seeking guidance and feedback from Professor Wael.

The interaction fostered an environment of collaboration and learning, allowing the lecturers to gain invaluable knowledge that will undoubtedly benefit their future research endeavors.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academics and Research commended Professor Wael for his dedication and commitment to enhancing research capacity within the academic community.

“We are immensely grateful to Professor Wael for generously sharing his expertise with our lecturers,” Dr Emmanuel remarked. “This training aligns with our university’s vision of promoting research excellence, and we are confident that the skills acquired will contribute to the success of our faculty members in securing grants for their innovative research projects.”

As the training concluded, participants in the training expressed their sincere appreciation to Professor Wael for his valuable contributions and commitment to fostering research excellence.

The knowledge gained by the lecturers will undoubtedly strengthen their grant proposal writing skills and improve their chances of securing funding for impactful research initiatives.

The university anticipates the positive impact of this training on its faculty’s research endeavors, fostering a culture of innovation and further establishing its reputation as a leading academic institution.