Professor Wael Kortam Empowers Master’s Students with Research Seminar on Crafting Stellar Theses

In an endeavor to foster academic excellence and equip students with the skills necessary to produce exceptional theses, Prof. Wael, renowned for his expertise in business studies, conducted an enlightening research seminar for the Master’s students of the Business Administration Program (MBA) at the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali.

 The seminar, held this Sunday 16th of July at the university, aimed to provide comprehensive guidance on the art of crafting a stellar thesis.

Prof. Wael, a distinguished visiting professor known for his remarkable contributions to the field of business research, captivated the eager audience with his vast knowledge and engaging teaching style. With decades of experience as a researcher and mentor, his insights and expertise served as an invaluable resource for the aspiring scholars in attendance.

The seminar commenced with an introduction to the fundamental elements of a well-structured thesis, emphasizing the importance of clear objectives, logical organization, and rigorous analysis. Prof. Wael emphasized that a thesis serves as the culmination of a student’s academic journey, offering them a platform to demonstrate their research capabilities and contribute to their respective fields.

Throughout the seminar, Prof. Wael shared practical strategies for formulating compelling research questions, conducting thorough literature reviews, and gathering and analyzing data effectively. Drawing upon his own experiences, he provided students with valuable tips on data collection methods, research ethics, and ensuring the reliability and validity of their findings.

Furthermore, Prof. Wael stressed the significance of maintaining a coherent argument throughout the thesis, urging students to critically evaluate their evidence and present it in a manner that supports their research objectives. He encouraged students to explore innovative approaches and consider the broader implications of their work, promoting a holistic perspective in their research endeavors.

The interactive nature of the seminar allowed students to actively participate in the learning process. Prof. Wael encouraged students to ask questions, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and creating a collaborative atmosphere. Several students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to engage with such an esteemed academic, stating that the seminar had provided them with invaluable insights that will undoubtedly enhance their thesis-writing journey.

“It was an honor to learn from Prof. Wael, whose expertise and passion for research are truly inspiring. The seminar has given me a newfound confidence in my ability to tackle my thesis project,” shared Ngabire Aurore Regine, one of the attending Master’s students.

Prof. Wael concluded the seminar by reiterating the importance of persistence and dedication in producing an outstanding thesis. He encouraged students to embrace the research process as an opportunity for personal and intellectual growth, reminding them that their work has the potential to make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.

The research seminar conducted by Prof. Wael proved to be an exceptional learning experience for the Master’s students of the Business Administration program. By sharing his expertise and providing practical guidance, Prof. Wael empowered students with the necessary tools to embark on their thesis-writing journey with confidence and clarity. As these students progress in their academic careers, they will undoubtedly apply the valuable lessons learned from this seminar, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of business studies.