UNILAK witnesses swearing- in ceremonies across its three campuses

In this month of November, the three campuses of UNILAK witnessed the swearing-in ceremonies of their respective Student Union Committees. The outgoing leaders were celebrated for their endless dedication and relentless service to the student body, while the new committees were urged to uphold transformative leadership and set exemplary standards for their peers.

The ceremonies, held across Nyanza, Kigali, and Rwamagana campuses, marked a significant transition in student governance. Outgoing committee members were hailed for their efforts in advocating for student welfare, initiating impactful programs, and fostering a sense of unity among the diverse student community.

Addressing the gatherings, university officials and faculty members, the director of education in Nyanza District, Mr. Edouard Mushimiyimana praised the outgoing committee in Nyanza campus for their outstanding contribution, acknowledging their efforts in enhancing student life, and collaboration with the district in promoting inclusivity, and organizing impactful events that enriched the academic and social experiences of students across the campus.

Dr. Javan Semana, The coordinator of Rwamagana campus, commended the outgoing committee, stating, “We are immensely grateful for the exemplary service rendered by the outgoing leaders. They have demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment in their roles, leaving behind a legacy of progress and unity.

The baton now passes to the newly elected committees, each charged with the responsibility to lead and serve their fellow students.

Ms. Tumukunde Miriam, assuming the leadership of the Kigali Campus Student Union, expressed gratitude for the trust bestowed upon her and pledged to work tirelessly to address student concerns and aspirations.

Mr. Tony Gitego, who now leads the Rwamagana Campus Student Union Committee, emphasized the need for inclusivity and collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds, vowing to create an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Ms. Antoinette Umugwaneza, at the helm of the Nyanza Campus Student Union Committee, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the importance of transformative leadership and setting high standards for the betterment of the entire student community.

“Leadership is not just about holding positions; it is about the positive impact we leave behind,” remarked Dr. Rulinda Ephrard, the Dean of Students. “I urge the newly sworn-in committee to uphold the values of transparency, accountability, and unity. Your actions will set the tone for the entire student community.”

“Your leadership will shape the experiences and future of your peers. Strive for inclusivity, foster innovation, and be the role models that your fellow colleagues can look up to,” he added.

The events were colorful with optimism and anticipation as the new committees assumed their roles, promising a continuation of dedicated service and a commitment to furthering the interests of the student body at the university.

As they embark on this new chapter, the campus eagerly awaits the impact and initiatives these leaders will bring forth in the upcoming academic year.

The university administration reiterated its support for the student union and encouraged the new leaders to collaborate closely with faculty and staff for the holistic development of the university.