UNILAK received a delegation from Yeungnam University

A delegation from Yengnam University made a significant visit to UNILAK in the afternoon of the 15th of November 2023 fostering prospects for collaboration between the two esteemed institutions. The delegation, comprising faculty members and administrative personnel, engaged in discussions aimed at exploring mutual areas of interest and potential partnerships.

Led by Yengnam University Executive Vice President, Dr. HAN Dong Geun, the delegation was received warmly by UNILAK administrative officials and faculty members.

During the engaging discussions held between the delegates from Yengnam and their counterparts at UNILAK, various domains for collaboration were deliberated upon. Ranging from joint research initiatives to student exchange programs and academic initiatives that could benefit both universities.

An exemplary highlight of this visit was the public lecture offered by the Yengnam University delegation on the Saemaul Undong program; known for its community-driven approach and its role in the socio-economic development of rural areas.

The Yengnam delegation captivated the audience with their expertise and shared experiences, illustrating the program’s principles and its potential applicability in various societal contexts.

This lecture aimed to shed light on the historical significance and the contemporary relevance of this transformative rural development initiative pioneered in South Korea.

Dr. HAN, heading the Yengnam University delegation, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration prospects between the two institutions. “The exchange of knowledge and collaborative efforts between Yengnam and UNILAK can pave the way for groundbreaking initiatives that transcend geographical boundaries,” Dr. HAN stated.

Dr. Emmanuel Hakizimana, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research, reciprocated the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of fostering partnerships to expand the horizons of academic excellence.

The visit concluded on a positive note, with both institutions expressing a commitment to further dialogue and exploration of potential collaboration avenues. The exchange not only marked a step towards academic synergy but also highlighted the importance of international partnerships in fostering academic excellence and cultural understanding.