UNILAK’ students from the Faculty of Law attend the parliamentary session

UNILAK’ students from the Faculty of Law participated in a recent parliamentary session held at the Chamber of Deputies.

The session focused on the crucial matter of voting on legislation pertaining to the establishment of the African Biomedical Institute. This unique opportunity was part of the ongoing initiative by the Parliament to involve the public in the legislative process and promote transparency.

Students attentively listened to the debates, posed insightful questions, and exchanged viewpoints with the lawmakers. Their presence provided a fresh perspective and infused the session with a sense of youthful enthusiasm.

Mr. Bora Mugabe, a third-year law student at UNILAK, expressed his excitement at being part of this unique experience.

 “Being present in the parliamentary chamber during such a significant decision-making process has been an eye-opening experience for us as students. We were able to witness democracy in action and see how the law evolves to shape our society,” he remarked.

Members of the Parliament also lauded the students’ participation, recognizing the value of incorporating diverse perspectives into the legislative process. The event highlighted the importance of engaging the future legal minds of the nation in matters of public policy.

This collaborative initiative between the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali and the Parliament reflects a promising step toward more transparent and inclusive decision-making in the nation’s legislative affairs.