UNILAK organized a cultural diversity day

The University of Lay Adventists of Kigali organized the first ever cultural diversity day which brought together all the students of the university coming from different countries

“When we brought together our students in these extracurricular activities, it is an opportunity for us to show them that we are the same even through our cultures and that every culture must be preserved and respected”; said Mr Nyamaswa Ephron, the dean of students at UNILAK.

The event saw different presentations from various nationalities which include dances, poems, traditional ceremonies like weddings.

Emmanuel Patrick, a student in Law Faculty from Liberia, also a representative of international students attested that having a cultural diversity day in their university is a best welcome note for them as international students as it bridges any gap which could exist among them that any nationality is superior to others.

Since 2019, UNILAK has become a home to students coming from more than 25 countries, especially West African countries.