UNILAK International students paid tribute to genocide victims laid at Kigali Genocide Memorial Site

The Senior management and International Students from all campuses of the University of Lay Adventists of  Kigali visited Kigali Genocide Memorial where they paid tribute to victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi laid there.

The ceremony which took place recently on 11th April 2022 brought together all international students studying at UNILAK.

Dr. Emmanuel Hakizimana, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academics and Research at UNILAK said that the university organized this visit to honour Genocide victims and as a learning opportunity for those international students to learn the history of the genocide against Tutsi which took place in 1994.

“Most of these international students joined our university during the COVID 19 pandemic and didn’t get the occasion to visit the genocide memorial site to learn about history of Genocide; they were confused and full of curiosity to know the real version of the history to be able to prevent its reoccurrence in elsewhere in Africa and around the world;” said Dr. Emmanuel.

Some of these international students revealed that the visit of Kigali Genocide Memorial Site was of great importance to them.

They learnt a lot about history of Genocide against Tutsi and are committed to prevent it and strive for unity.

“Visiting Kigali Genocide Memorial was much needed as it holds great history of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. I learnt a lot about history of Genocide against Tutsi and I am saying No to its reoccurrence” said Isaac K. Dadzie, an international student from Liberia, West Africa.

“It is an important lesson, 28 years after Rwanda overcome the dark past of Genocide against Tutsi. In this place we found an opportunity to honour victims of the Genocide against Tutsi and learn from this country’s bitter history to prevent reoccurrence,” said Kapet Yaka Mireille, an international student from Ivory Coast.

The visit ended with the laying of wreaths to the mass grave accommodating over 250,000 remains of Tutsis killed in different parts of Kigali.

UNILAK holds the event at a time when Rwanda is commemorating the Genocide against the Tutsi for the 28th time to honour over 1 million victims killed during 100 days.

The University receives new students every year including internationals from African countries pursuing quality education.

Today, the University has close to 200 international students from more than 15 African countries including Liberia, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Mauritania, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Congo, DRC and Angola among others.