UNILAK collaborates with AERG National and SURF to address mental health issues among students

In a significant step towards prioritizing the mental well-being of its students, UNILAK has teamed up with the counselor psychologist Chantal Mudahogora, hailing from Canada, along with representatives from the AERG National and SURF (Survivors Fund) organizations.

The collaboration aims to provide essential guidance and support to UNILAK students in dealing with mental health illnesses and psychological challenges, including stress, trauma, depression, and substance abuse.

The initiative kicked off with a comprehensive workshop that shed light on the importance of preventing and handling mental health issues. Chantal, a seasoned expert in the field emphasized that mental illnesses are diseases just like any other, and they require the same level of attention and specialized treatment. The workshop highlighted that seeking help and support for mental health concerns is crucial for overall well-being.

Addressing a pressing concern among today’s youth, the latest session centered around substance abuse, specifically focusing on drug abuse. Students were educated about the risks associated with substance abuse and the potential consequences it can have on their mental and physical health. The goal of this session was to equip students with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions and avoid falling into the trap of substance abuse.

One student who attended the session shared, “The workshop was very informative, and the trainer provided valuable insights. The administration should definitely organize more of such sessions and ensure that all students are informed about them.”

To ensure continuous support and education, UNILAK, in collaboration with AERG National, and SURF, has committed to holding similar workshops on the first Wednesday of every new month. This ongoing series aims to provide a platform for students to engage in discussions about mental health, share their experiences, and learn effective strategies to manage their mental well-being.