Imanzi Business Institute hosts informative session at UNILAK to unveil professional course by Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

In a bid to bridge the gap between academia and industry demands, Imanzi Business Institute organized an enlightening session at UNILAK to introduce the launch of an upcoming professional course offered by the esteemed Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

The event, held on August 14th, attracted an audience of enthusiastic senior lecturers from the university’s Departments of Accounting and Finance.

The informative session commenced with an opening address by Dr. Christine Umumararungu, the Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management at UNILAK.

 In her speech, Dr. Christine emphasized the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and professional bodies to equip students with the practical skills required in today’s competitive business landscape.

Representatives from Imanzi Business Institute and CIMA then took the stage to provide an in-depth overview of the upcoming professional course.

Mr. Cyusa Benjamin, representative of CIMA in Rwanda, highlighted the evolving nature of the business world and the need for professionals who can adapt to the dynamic demands of the industry. He mentioned, “Our collaboration with Imanzi Business Institute aimed at producing graduates who possess both a strong academic foundation and the practical expertise to excel in management accounting roles.”

The session concluded with an engaging Q&A session, during which senior lecturers asked questions about the course’s eligibility criteria, assessment methods, and potential career pathways for graduates.

The launch of this new professional course stands as a testament to the increasing synergy between academia and industry bodies, showcasing a joint effort to produce graduates who possess the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to excel in the competitive world of management accounting.