Judiciary Engages UNILAK Law Students in Dialogue on Two Decades of Judicial Reforms

Judiciary Engages UNILAK Law Students in Dialogue on Two Decades of Judicial Reforms

On May 4th, 2024, the judiciary held an insightful public talk with students from UNILAK law faculty, focusing on the significant judicial reforms implemented over the past two decades. The event was a highlight of the ongoing Judicial Week and was themed “Judicial Journey in the Last 20 Years.”

Judiciary Engages UNILAK Law Students in Dialogue on Two Decades of Judicial Reforms

The talk, which drew a large audience of eager law students and faculty members, featured prominent speakers from the judiciary, including Supreme Court justices and senior legal practitioners. These experts provided a comprehensive overview of the milestones achieved in Rwanda’s judicial sector, discussing the challenges faced, the reforms instituted, and the impact of these changes on the rule of law and access to justice.

Mr. Harrison Mutabazi, the spokesperson of the Judiciary delivered the keynote address, emphasizing the transformative journey the Rwandan judiciary has undergone since the early 2000s. He highlighted key reforms such as the establishment of specialized courts, the digitization of court processes, and measures to enhance judicial independence and transparency.

“The last 20 years have been marked by significant strides towards building a more efficient, transparent, and independent judiciary. These reforms have not only improved the delivery of justice but have also restored public confidence in our legal system,” said Mr. Mutabazi.

Students had the opportunity to engage with the speakers, asking questions and discussing various aspects of the reforms. Topics ranged from the impact of technology on judicial efficiency to the ongoing efforts to ensure fair and equitable access to justice for all Rwandans.

One student, Musanganya Issa who attended the public talk expressed his appreciation for the event, stating, “It is inspiring to hear firsthand about the progress our judiciary has made. As future legal practitioners, understanding these reforms helps us appreciate the importance of continual improvement in our legal systems.”

In closing, Retired Justice of the Supreme Court Mutashya J. Baptiste encouraged the students to be proactive in their legal careers and contribute to the ongoing development of Rwanda’s judicial system. “Your generation has the potential to build on the foundations laid over the past two decades. Continue to strive for excellence and integrity in your professional endeavors,” he urged.

The public talk was part of a series of events planned for Judicial Week, which aims to promote legal awareness and foster dialogue between the judiciary and the public.