Unilak joins the rest of the world to celebrate the world environment day

The Faculty of Environmental Studies at UNILAK joined the rest of the world to celebrate the World Environment Day on June 5, 2023. In this regard, the faculty planned different activities under the theme “Solutions to Plastic Pollution” for one month May 28 – June 28 2023 including the Public Lecturer on May 29, 2023 and others.


World Environment Day 2023 is on Monday, 5 June. This year, the theme is #BeatPlasticPollution.

Wherever you are this month, take the opportunity to reduce your plastic waste and perhaps introduce some new sustainability habits into your lifestyle.


Learn more about plastic pollution


The World Environment Day website contains a wealth of practical guides and tips to help

 people and organisations reduce plastic waste and solve plastic pollution challenges.

You can also learn more about microplastics and how they impact our environment.


About World Environment Day


Held every year on 5 June, World Environment Day brings together people and countries around the world to take action and raise awareness on looking after our natural environment.

Created by the United Nations in 1972, the day has been observed regularly since that point and annually since 2000, when the World Environment Day website was launched to better bring together global celebrations and efforts.

Each year a theme is selected, and governments, community groups, corporations, schools, charities and individuals around the world organise activities and initiatives in support of that theme.