UNILAK faculty staff met with graduating students

In preparation for the upcoming graduation ceremony, faculty staff and the university registrar
convened a crucial meeting on February 19,2024 with graduating students. The primary agenda
of the meeting was to emphasize the importance of adhering to graduation preparation
During the meeting, students were urged to respect the entire graduation process and stay
ahead of schedule. The faculty stressed the significance of timely submission of all required
documents and completion of necessary procedures to ensure a smooth and successful
graduation experience.
In a bid to support the graduating students, the faculty promised to prioritize their needs and
provide assistance wherever possible to help them meet all deadlines.
The meeting served as a reminder for students to be proactive and responsible in fulfilling their
graduation obligations. With the support of the faculty and university staff, the graduating
students are expected to successfully navigate through the graduation process and prepare for
the upcoming ceremony.
As the graduation ceremony approaches, the university is committed to ensuring that all
graduating students have the necessary support and guidance to complete their graduation
requirements on time.